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Reesa Packard, Ph.D., RP

Registered Psychotherapist, Independent Practice & Clinical Supervisor
Co-founder & Director of Internal & External Relations

Reesa Packard, Ph.D., RP

Individual Adult, Couple, Family & Group

Online & In-person

English & French

Session fee: $250 + HST

Sliding scale: Yes, limited spots.

Reesa's Favourite Therapy Quote:

“Today’s safe boundaries were yesterday’s unknown frontiers” – Unknown.

Hello and welcome. I hope that together we will co-create a meaningful & productive psychotherapy process focused on the healing, growth, and/or development you are looking for. Feel free to read my bio below and explore this webpage for more information. Email me with any questions or to discuss possibilities for a psychotherapy process that will best suit you.

Practice Areas

I treat a wide variety of issues, however, I see myself helping the most in cases of significant distress, finding yourself, discovering new possibilities, and/or making sense/meaning of it all. Sometimes the goal of treatment is to help you cope and stabilize to become okay enough – other times the goal is to further advance your self-development to help you thrive. I work most often with the issues of crisis, trauma & complex trauma, self-development; important life transitions; emotional distress & healing; grief & loss; couples & other relationships; family systems; difficult parenting roles; medical/body issues including cancer and/or chronic illness; work occupation/life purpose; existential issues; sexual orientation & gender identity; women’s issues & female sexuality. I also ‘help the helpers’, supporting other therapists, health-care providers, and leaders.

Education & Experience

I have 10+ years of psychotherapy experience, a Ph.D. & M.A. in psychotherapy programs & another decade working in this field prior to graduate training/professional certification. My experience includes supervising, teaching & training other clinicians and researching in specialty areas. I also honour the importance of working on myself in a way that allows me to better help you, and have been working on my own self-development & life issues for over two decades.

Therapeutic Approach

Typically, a psychotherapy process will use a combination of proven tools to manage difficulties in the now, and deeper processing to promote growth on the whole. I will work collaboratively with you to meet your perspective with my own, and best drive this forward together. Depending on your needs, we may focus on thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours, relations, body/somatics, spirituality and/or sexuality. I use a wide range of specific psychotherapy modalities, depending on the problem(s) and recommended treatment(s).

About Reesa

Like the psychotherapist you see in front of you, Reesa the person is impassioned by all things creative, natural, and connected. I like to discover new adventures, write, explore ideas & read, philosophize, witness nature, and sip coffee in silent stillness while the sun rises. When the going gets tough, loving my beautiful son & chosen family keeps me grounded, while martial arts training and/or yoga keep me moving and therefore expanding. Psychotherapy has always felt like a calling for me, and I feel extremely grateful to be here doing this work.

For existing clients

Feel free to book your sessions directly through your clinician's scheduling page.

We offer free 20 minute consultations to new clients.

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Suite 240, 1101 Prince of Wales Dr., 

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